Middle school English language initiative participants

Improving the teaching and learning of English

The Ministry of Education in Algeria has highlighted the learning of English and the promotion of the English language as a key element in reinforcing access to academic, technological and cultural networks around the world.

As part of this, British Council Algeria has an agreement with the Ministry of National Education and Anadarko Algeria Company LLC, to provide inspector and teacher trainer training to assist in developing and improving the teaching and learning of English in middle schools across Algeria. 

An on-going programme of cascade training and support, which began in October 2012, is being rolled out. Training has been provided in the UK at the Norwich Institute of Language Education (NILE) and here in Algeria.

Due to the success of this project, a similar programme is set to be rolled out to secondary school inspectors by the end of 2014. 

“Guiding teachers to better performance”

“Enriching” and “inspirational” were among the words used to describe training provided to 87 middle school English inspectors in Blida, Algeria in September 2013.  

Their training programme included the role of assessment in the classroom and how this could be conducted effectively, the importance of reflective practice and improving communication.  

Inspectors left the workshops energised and motivated, ready to immediately set up in-service teacher training sessions in order to, as one inspector explained “guide my teachers to better performance”.

The teacher trainer: a pioneering new role

An even more wide reaching programme was delivered in December 2013.  For the first time, it incorporated the pioneering new role of teacher trainers, a role recommended by the British Council and a new concept for Algerian state education.  

Three hundred and twenty inspectors and teacher trainers were trained in four regional centres across Algeria, Tlemcen, Ghardaia, Setif and Boumerdes, thus providing full and comprehensive cover of all regions.  

The aim of this training was twofold.  Firstly, to establish the basis of successful, collaborative working relationships between inspectors and teacher trainers with a view to initiating effective programmes of in-service teacher training.  Secondly, to provide continuous professional development, the focus of which was developing teacher training skills, the teaching of speaking and writing skills, differentiation and assessment for learning.

Delivering concrete outcomes

The high level of engagement amongst the participants has been testament not only to the skills of the facilitators, but also to the enthusiasm and professionalism of the inspectors and teacher trainers for betterment and self-improvement.  One inspector wrote excitedly in his feedback “The more we learn, the more we want!”. 

As Deirdre Nicholas, British Council English Project Manager, explained:

“The overarching ambition of the training was to produce a suite of training workshops which would offer both practical and concrete outcomes for the participants”.

This was undoubtedly achieved.  The new teacher trainers began their official role in January 2014, delivering monthly training sessions in middle schools.  Thanks to the workshops they were equipped with the skills to carry out training needs analyses, and a selection of ready-made training workshops, with which to start their pioneering role. 

Continuing support will be provided for the inspectors and teacher trainers through online assistance.

For more information about the middle school English language initiative please contact us.