Welcome to the British Council Algeria.

Our work 

We work with and for the benefit of young people and our aim is that, by 2025, we will have provided millions of young Algerians with access to the UK’s language, education and cultural resources. Our programmes share the best of the UK’s education system to help improve standards and provide 21st century skills. We create opportunities to engage with the UK’s vibrant arts and cultural scene. Through this we aim to support the development of a more secure, open, prosperous, and equitable society. The principles of equality, diversity and inclusion underpin all of our work. 

We work in three main areas: 

Supporting and growing the impact of the English Language. Through our work in English and examination services, we aim to give Algerian students access to international opportunities, internationally-recognised qualifications, and to make a major contribution to better quality English teaching and assessment in Algerian schools and universities. This is particularly important in light of the recent shift to English we are witnessing in Algeria. 

Education and Skills – we work to improve the learning outcomes of children, young people and disadvantaged groups in Algeria, aiming to enhance their skills and employability. Our Schools Connect programme empowers hundreds of teachers to provide quality education for young people hoping to improve their digital and coding skills. 

We also contribute to the internationalization and quality of Higher Education through collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

Arts and social entrepreneurship – we seek to inspire and foster creative collaborations and help develop voice and confidence amongst youth through a range of projects and activities. Our Cultural Protection Fund brings together professionals and institutions to share tools and best practices the preservation of heritage sites. 

I am very proud to be the new Country Director, and I look forward to all the innovative and creative ways in which we can share knowledge, understanding and form lasting partnerships over the next few years. 

I hope you find our website useful. I encourage you to follow the British Council Algeria pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please tell us what you like and how we can make things even better for you. 

With best wishes

Hamza Koudri