Registering for a course at the British Council is easy.


  • Enquire about our level testing dates by booking online.
  • Consultations take place online using Zoom/Phone.


  • You will receive information about the courses when you take the test. 
  • Together, the written test and interview take between 10 and 15 minutes. 



After the consultation, you can register your child and pay for the chosen course. 

  • Details on how to pay via bank transfer will be sent to you by the customer service team member by email.
  • You must be 18 years old to be able to pay and register for the online courses.
  • The British Council accepts an email with proof of payment for the purpose of class enrolment. Registration will be cancelled within 7 days if the full registration fee is not received in our bank account.
  • Please remember to send your Bank Ref ID (20 Digits Number) 

Important: Our Customer Service department is still closed. Only brief cash payment on appointment will be taken care of. For other information please contact us by phone, email or on our social networks.

Reminder on our offer and prices

Primary Plus Online  and Secondary Plus Online:

Duration Hourly volume  Price 
1 Week  10 Hours 13,750 DZD 
2 Weeks 20 Hours  22,500 DZD (10% discount)
3 Weeks 30 Hours  31,900 DZD (15% discount)
4 Weeks 40 Hours  37,500 DZD (25% discount)
5 Weeks 50 Hours  43,750 DZD (30% discount)
6 Weeks 60 Hours  48,750 DZD (35% discount)