Registering for a course at the British Council is easy.


  • Enquire about our level testing dates by booking online.
  • Consultations take place online using Zoom/Phone.


  • You will receive information about the courses when you take the test. 
  • Together, the written test and interview take between 10 and 15 minutes. 


STEP 4 - Payment 

After the consultation, you can register your child and pay for the chosen course. 

  • Details on how to pay via bank transfer will be sent to you by the customer service team member by email.
  • You must be 18 years old to be able to pay and register for the online courses.
  • The British Council accepts an email with proof of payment for the purpose of class enrolment. Registration will be cancelled within 7 days if the full registration fee is not received in our bank account.
  • Please remember to send your Bank Ref ID (20 Digits Number) 

Reminder on our offer and prices

Primary Plus Online  and Secondary Plus Online:

Duration Hourly volume  Price 
1 Week  10 Hours 13,750 DZD 
2 Weeks 20 Hours  22,500 DZD (10% discount)
3 Weeks 30 Hours  31,900 DZD (15% discount)
4 Weeks 40 Hours  37,500 DZD (25% discount)
5 Weeks 50 Hours  43,750 DZD (30% discount)
6 Weeks 60 Hours  48,750 DZD (35% discount)