A UK higher education from home

Not everyone can travel abroad to pursue their ambition of a degree from a UK university. 

So we're here to help you earn that highly respected qualification, from Britain’s leading universities, without leaving the country.  

We make sure you have a simple and straightforward experience, from the moment you register for the university exam to the day you get your results. 

We’ll look after the whole process, from providing the exam venue and professionally trained supervisors to having your exams processed by the exam board. 

All you need to do is prepare for your exam and turn up on exam day. 

Who we partner with

You can study with several top institutions and take your exams in Morocco. We work with:

•The Open University

•Manchester Business School

•University of London International Programmes

•Edinburgh Business School

•University of Leicester

•University of Warwick. 

How do I register for the University exam?

It’s easy to register for your university exams. 

•First, get in touch with your education institution and register your exam directly with them. 

•Once your exam place has been confirmed you should contact us and return the application form.

•You need to do this at least one month before your exam. 

How much will it cost?

Our fees do not include costs charged by the exam board. Please get in touch with the board to discuss their costs.  

Our fees are as follows: £80 per paper and per candidate (should be paid in local fee). Additional courier charge applies. 


Le British Council et les membres du jury prennent toutes les dispositions raisonnables pour assurer une continuité de service. Par conséquent , veuillez comprendre que nous ne pouvons être tenus pour responsables d'éventuelles interruptions causées par des circonstances indépendantes de notre volonté. Si les examens ou leurs résultats sont perturbés, annulés ou retardés, tous les efforts seront déployés pour reprendre le service normal dès que possible. La responsabilité du British Council sera limitée au remboursement de la taxe d'enregistrement ou de nouvelles épreuves à une date ultérieure.

More information

Contact us to find out more about how we can help administer your exam.