Summer School 2016

Intensive English Courses: Improve your English and live life to the full.

Being confident with your English can enhance your life in so many ways. It can improve your career prospects. It can improve your social life. It can even help you make the most out of the internet.

As the world’s English experts we’re uniquely positioned to get you closer to the English language and help you speak, listen, read and write with confidence so you can get the most out of everyday life.

And with support from the world’s most comprehensive online learning resource and access to internationally accredited qualifications, the chances of success are much higher with the British Council.

So whether you’re learning English for the first time, want to top up your skills, or become an expert speaker we’ve got the right course for you.

Explore the unrivalled range of courses and support available from the world’s English experts to help you get the most out of life.

Teaching English. Testing proficiency. Supporting learning.

Course information

  • Levels

    Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Adavnced.

  • Course format

    40 hours. 2 hours per day except on the weekends for 4 weeks. 

  • Joining instructions

    Take our online level test and book for a placement online.

  • Price

    31,000 DZD However if you register before l'Eid you will get 2,000 DZD discount changing the price from 31,000 DZD to 29,000 DZD! Don't miss this opportunity! 

Class Timetable
Summer school

Terms Days and Time Dates

Summer School 


2 hours per day except on the weekends

1 - 29 July 2019