Student listening to the radio

Tune into Obla Air, our Learn English radio series

Obla Air is a lively radio drama from the British Council designed to help you learn and improve your English.

What is the show all about?

Each 15 minute episode follows the adventures of Maas Obla, the owner and pilot of the budget airline Obla Air, as he and his crew try to keep their only aeroplane flying high.
Obla Air starts its first series this month with twenty 15-minute episodes. While following the fortunes of a low cost airline in ‘soap opera’ format, it will help listeners improve on their vocabulary, syntax and English comprehension.

From 6 February, Obla Air will be broadcast on Fridays at 1530 and repeated on Saturdays at 1530 on JiL FM (94.7 FM). 

How can I listen to the show?


If you are interested in broadcasting Obla Air or any other LearnEnglish audio programmes from the British Council, please contact us.