The British Council is taking part in the 11th Algiers International Cinema Festival (FICA) with a selection of International Touring films Programme around social issues such as migration and climate change, in alignment with the festival’s theme. 

FICA is the most important international cinema festival in Algeria, and it is dedicated to engaged films, bringing together lovers and film professionals of all ages around engaged films, from short to feature film (documentary, fiction, animation). In addition to competitions in different categories, FICA participants interact with the public and the media through round table discussions, debates and Masterclasses. This year’s edition includes six thematic focuses (Environment, Women, Restored Films, Young Films, 60th Anniversary of Independence, Cinema, Memory and Resistance) Three masterclasses will be of particular interest to young filmmakers, actors and other professionals.

For its 11th edition, the Algiers International Film Festival has chosen to dedicate a focus to the crucial issue of environmental protection. This universal theme, which is topical, is one of the essential axes of the cultural action of the British Council. It is notably integrated into its English language teaching programmes for young learners.

We hope that this focus, which consists of five short films (documentaries and animated films) from the "Climate Stories" series, will particularly sensitize Algerian middle and high school students, thanks to the resources of the seventh art. The focus will take place on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at the Ryad El Feth office, Ibn Zeydoun room, from 14:00 to 17:00, in the presence of the director Chi Thai who will lead a debate after the screening of her film "The Promise". It will be hosted by Hamid Belkessam of Algerian Radio Channel III. More details in the below (films marked as Cinema and Climate change and the Masterclass.)