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myClass Online is our new live online English course that will give you maximum flexibility in the learning process. myClass Online enables you to learn at your own pace at all times and benefit from our support thanks to a new teaching system.

Live online classes: with British Council teachers, students from across the country and our own communicative and interactive method.

Flexible and personalised: book the number of classes you want, the time and the subject matter.

Never miss a class: with myClass you can cancel lessons and take them at a better time.

It is very easy to get started! 

All you need is a computer, stable internet connection and a quiet place to learn, and you can start today.


How does myClass Online work?

You can manage everything from your profile on the myClass portal or via our mobile applications which are available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. You will be able to see the entire course calendar for your level, as well as the theme and the teacher for each lesson. Using your credits, and with the help of our advisers, you can book the lessons you want to attend. One lesson is one credit.

You will also use the myClass portal to attend your lessons, together with our teachers, and other students from across the country. You will interact with them, and actively participate in the lesson. The number of students per class is limited.

With myClass Online, you can also choose the time and place that suit you best to attend your lessons.

Prices: How do myClass Online credits work?

1 credit = 1 class = 90 minutes of learning

Enjoy a 15% discount applicable until 30 June

The main credit packs are:

Pack 20 credits 40 credits 60 credits
Number of lessons 20 lessons 40 lessons 60 lessons
Number of hours in total 30 hours  60 hours  90 hours 
Validity 3 months to enjoy 3 months to enjoy 3 months to enjoy
Price (applicable until 30 June)  30,000 DZD  57,600 DZD  75,600 DZD
Join our course with a friend and enjoy each 7 more hours of myClass online English learning


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