Teenage boy learns English on his mobile

Our courses for teens are designed to get your child using real English confidently and fluently. Helping them communicate thoughts and opinions in a natural way.

The lessons are interactive and fun. Students don’t memorise long lists of vocabulary or translate texts. Instead they learn how to express themselves through engaging group work and discussions.

We’ll make sure that your child studies in a class with other students of the same age and level so they can make the maximum progress. They’ll also get the individual attention they need from our expert teachers to help them achieve their English language goals.

Teens learning with the world’s English experts will:

  • be taught by expert teachers of teenagers, who will inspire and motivate them
  • enjoy lessons that use modern, group based activities specially designed for the way teenagers learn
  • have lessons that are different from, but support regular school studies
  • make new friends and build their confidence.

And parents will always be connected to the progress their child is making with regular meetings and reports.

Course information

  • Levels

    Beginner through to Advanced

  • Course Format

    30 hours spread over 10 weeks 3 hours per week.

  • Joining Instructions

    Contact us to book a placement test for your child

  • Cost

    Book now and get a 7% discount on the second session booked!

    33,000 DZD: General English for 12 to 17-year-olds.

    36,000 DZD: General English for 12 to 17-year-olds price applicable to Friday, Saturday and evening classes.

Class Timetables
Algiers Teaching Centre

Dear students

Recognising the traditions of the holy month of Ramadhan, the British Council will adjust its teaching schedule so that it doesn’t interfere with Iftar. We hope the revised timing of some of our English Language classes will be more convenient for you during this month of piety and work.

Please also note that in the weeks before the beginning of Ramadhan and after it we will follow our regular, scheduled class times throughout the week.




12-17 Tuesday Afternoon
12-17 Thursday Evening
12-17 Friday/Saturday


Term dates
Algiers Teaching Centre

Term dates

 • Autumn 2019: 2 September 2019 - 17 November 2019

•Winter 2020: 18 November 2019 - 04 February 2020

•Early Spring 2020: 7 February 2020 - 16 April 2020

•Late Spring 2020: 19 April 2020 - 5 July 2020

•Summer School 2020: 8 July 2020 - 29 July 2020 and from 24 August 2020 - 30 August 2020